This website is somewhat of a tribute or homage website to horror movies of the 70s and 80s.

Now, a lot of people would have a problem with this because they might ask, "Why would you think about scary movies from the past? After all, when you watch the Halloween series, a lot of people might think that this is corny, cheesy or behind the times. In fact, a lot of people might even think that it lacks sophistication because the way people were scared back then seemed almost comedic to how people are scared now."

Now, this really is all about bias because let's face it, as we evolve as a society in terms of cultural expectations and cultural expression, we tend to look at the past as simpler times. We look at the past in cartoon terms, almost.

And this has the effect of somehow oversimplifying the psychological realities of the past. In other words, we think that just because we get scared a certain way now that the way we used to get scared must necessarily be backwards, comical or simplistic.

This really is too bad because the people who visit this website truly appreciate the Halloween series because of the complex psychological issues that are interwoven into those movies.

They may seem simplistic, they may seem flat, derivative, or cartoonish to a lot of people, but these are people who do not scratch beneath the surface. Instead, they look at this series in a very particularly shallow way. They approach it on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis.

This really is too bad because if you were to look at the different strands of meaning that plays out in the silver screen and relate it to sociological, cultural, economic and historical forces going on at the same time, you get to see the big picture. You get to see the movie in context and it becomes less and less of a cartoon and more and more of a journey into the human condition.

This is the big challenge because too many people focus on the wrapper and they neglect the candy within.

Believe me, when it comes to the deep sociological and even quasi-philosophical meaning of American cultural expression, the Halloween movie series can teach us a thing or two. It can run quite deep. It really boils down to your mindset and your willingness to overcome your present day biases.

Now, at first a lot of people who check out this website and look at these materials in a fairly dismissive way. We really can't blame them. After all, we are creatures of comparison. When we see something that seems somewhat advanced in terms of technology and narrative tools, we are often too eager to dismiss what went before.

To a certain extent, this is what separates American society from more traditional societies because we are all too eager to kill earlier generations. We are all too eager to destroy the past to make way for the new. But a lot is lost in translation.

By reclaiming the past and drawing parallels forward, in addition to parallels backward, we get a fuller understanding of why things that scare us now are so effective. We also gain insights to our collective psychology as a nation.