If you spend any time on this website, you would notice that a lot of pages are linked to each other. You would realize that there are a lot of materials here to explore.

However, just like with other websites of this scale and magnitude, there's not always a smooth fit between the different sections that make up this website. In fact, within each section, the different subsections may not fit all that well together.

As you can well imagine, given the huge volume of materials that were ported into this website, there are certain things that fall between the cracks. There are certain things that may not be smooth or well-polished.

This is where you come in. If you notice that there are links that are not working or if there are certain pieces of content that are simply missing, like pictures that fail to load, do speak up.

There's a form below, and it doesn't take much time to fill it out. In fact, you only need to click the "report" button for us to know the exact page that is having problems.

We had this website coded so that when people click the report button, we can see the specific URL and, more importantly, the specific section within that page that is having problems.

Maybe it's having loading issues, maybe it's suffering from database challenges. Whatever the case may be, by simply clicking the report button, we can get to the specific issue immediately.

Now, please don't get too excited when you report a problem. This website works on a priority basis. Priority, in practical terms, is measured in terms of the popularity of the problem.

In plain English, what we're saying is that if a specific page gets reported over and over again by many different IP addresses and many different people at many different times, this tells us, in no uncertain terms, that there's a serious issue with that page. Our database is then set up to line up all these problem reports based on the popularity of the specific page.

This is where we sort and prioritize our housekeeping work. If we notice that a page keeps getting reported, we will zero in on that page and try to knock out any problems sooner rather than later.

Now, this is probably not the kind of thing that you expected to hear. You probably would want something fast. But as you probably already know, this website is staffed by volunteers.

We have day jobs, and we have families to take care of. In other words, we have lives. So as much as possible, we will take care of the issues that you report, but please be realistic and patient.